Refrigeration oil selection should consider the following factors

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Consideration factor one

When selecting lubricating oil, it should be comprehensively analyzed and compared according to the type of the freezer, the type of all refrigerants and its evaporation temperature, and the specific working conditions of the freezer, such as speed, load size, working environment, etc., in order to determine the freezing. The specific specifications and grades of the machine oil.

Consideration factor two

The refrigeration system is different from the general mechanical lubrication requirements. Lubrication is only the most basic characteristic of the refrigeration oil. The more important characteristic is the compatibility with the refrigerant.

Consideration factor three

Refrigerator oil work requires suitable viscosity, low pour point and volatility, high flash point, good chemical stability and thermal oxidative stability, as well as good anti-foaming properties, good insulation and so on.


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